Buddy and Bea

A Bud In A Tree, And A Bird Named Bea

The Artist

An up and coming talent .....

alyssaAlyssa Josue was born in 1991, raised in Philippines and now resides in one of its cities, Las Piņas. Her passion for art started at an early age. As a child, Alyssa or "Lai" by many of her friends, found immense pleasure in drawing and doing crafts and arts. She also has an interest in making stories and great articles that have won when she was in grade and secondary school. She secretly loves dancing and acting then.

She earned her Graphic Design and Animation course back in 2009 from Dr. Filemon C. Aguilar Information Technology Training Institute, a free Institute in their city. She actually wants to take up Fine Arts but her family couldn't afford it. But, she didn't lose hope and take the mentioned course above instead because she didn’t want to stop studying.

Her family doesn't really like her to pursue her talent in arts. So she got confused and tried different kinds of works to provide and to make them happy. She became an Educational Consultant, Secretary of a Construction Management, Call Center Agent and many more but then faith begins to throw her back to where she really belongs.. She became a Graphic Artist, Design Auditor and even an Assistant Animator and Instructor in Drawing. She finally turn her passion for art into a profession in 2014, where she quits becoming an employee. Since that day, there has been no looking back. Because she finds happiness and real joy on what she do now. She has that fulfillment she was longing for. Doing the passion she loves while earning money and having her own precious time. She's now the Director of Herself.

She can be anything that she wants as an artist.. a graphic designer, an illustrator, a logo maker, a designer, a crafter and many more. She also joined and won from many logo contest. She just can't take it only for herself. She is also a self-thought artist by many means. Aside from all the arts, Lai is also a human.. loves reading books, watching movies and spending time outdoors with family, friends with or without the same passion in art and love ones. She loves food and milk tea! Really.

Her only aim for now is for other people to take inspiration from her art. She want them to be stunned and be happy about the designs she imparts to them. She had made many chibis, wall decal designs, logos, invitations, ads, covers, character designs, business cards, website designs, banners, brochures, stationary designs, cropping and editing pictures and different kinds of illustrations for children's book.

Her latest work of art is the book "Buddy and Bea: Life's Amazing Lessons" by Len Saunders, an amazing author she met. She made all the creative and beautiful illustrations in the book, from cover to the inside of it. Of course, she couldn't illustrate it without Len's great creation of story. The process begins with imparting the main lessons and story of the said book. Both are very cooperative and professional in making the illustrations vibrant. Lai begins to sketch all the events in the story and have Len to approved it first before proceeding to the next step, to make sure everything was in line. She gets inspiration from the people that are close in her heart and also inspired by the heartwarming story itself! After the approval of all the sketches, Lai begins making the line art or outline of the illustrations. She then add colors to it that made Len very happy. It was really an incredible experience for both of them!

Lai always says..... "It's not about what and where you finish your studies/course (even if it's a well-known university or not), it's about how well you pursue your passion and used them to make your dreams turn in reality. Life is not all about brains after all, it's also about hard work and love that you managed to used to survive."

It's funny how life works with Lai. She was hindered by her family with her true interests.. but now, the talents that they don't want her to continue, is the thing that supports her sister's studies in college today. :) A blessing after all! All glory to God!