Yes, most schools will begin their ACES program promptly at 10 AM (local time), but.....does state testing, poor weather, or some other school function prevent you from starting promptly at 10am? When ACES went international, it became nearly impossible to have everyone participate at 10am, simple due to time zones across the world!

Due to the mass participation of this event, there is plenty of room for flexibility concerning the start time of your Project ACES event. The majority of schools that participate are able to start their exercises at exactly 10 AM. It is understandable that some schools may not be able to start at 10 AM due to scheduling problems, programs, state testing, or even inclement weather. Rarely, some schools may even have to do Project ACES on a different day. This is not a problem as long as the children understand the concept of the day and feel a connection to the event!

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Len Saunders, the creator of this event has participated in Project ACES at 2 PM at his school due to state testing the last few years. His students still comprehend the concept, have a great time, and feel like a big part of the ACES experience.


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