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Q. Can healthy eating be part of our family PACES program?

A. Absolutely. Your family should not only commit to exercise together, but to eat healthy together as well! Children and adults should eat their vegetables and fruits everyday together to lead a healthy lifestyle.


Q. Does it cost anything to participate in the PACES Day program?

A. No.


Q. If my family signs up for the event, is there any commitments or obligations?

A. There is no commitments or obligations at all. Every family is on the 'honor system' when they try to exercise each weekend. There is no need to feel like you are cheating if you miss a weekend or two. When it comes to exercise, you only cheat yourself if you miss a workout. The bottom line is to just try your best.


Q. Do we have to sign up online?

A. It is recommended, but no. The soul meaning of signing up online is to use that as a motivational tool. If a child sees their name on this web site, they are being recognized as a participant. It gives the child purpose or meaning to see their family name here. Your name will not be given to any third parties. That is why you do not need to fill in your email address on the sign up page.


Q. I don't know much about exercise. What can I do with my child?

A. Click the 'Examples' link above to get some suggestions. You can also print the 52 weeks of fitness on the 'Downloads' page for some more ideas.


Q. I am physically unable to exercise. What can I do?

A. Moral support is important. Encourage your child to lead a healthy lifestyle. Get them involved in recreational sports or get a trusted neighbor or friend to 'play' with them.


Q. I have not exercised in a long time. Is it safe for me?

A. It is always recommended that every individual get a medical checkup before starting any exercise program.


Q. Why do I need to do this? Can't I just exercise with my family on my own?

A. Yes, but children need a novel approach to exercise. That is why Project ACES was such a huge success. The children (and adults) who participate in PACES Day will feel a sense of community and pride being involved with families around the world. It gives the exercises you do more meaning and purpose. You just cannot say to children, okay, time to exercise. That will get boring quickly for them. Teaching young children healthy habits at a young age will create healthy habits that last a lifetime. Visit the children's fitness web site to read articles pertaining to all of this.


Q. What if I cannot get my children interested in PACES Day?

A. That is a personal issue. Talk to your child's physical education teacher to start the program in their school. If more of your child's friends participate, it may make it more interesting. Feel free to go to the "Downloads" page to get some other fun fitness material for your children


Q. If I have a children's health related questions, who can I ask?

A. You can always post questions on the children's fitness web site. They will be posted there for others to read.


Q. Does our PACES program need to be organized through our school?

A. No. It can be organized at your school, home, health club, recreation department, or any other organization.


Q. Can we discuss the PACES program with our local media?

A. Yes, by all means. Word of mouth will help make this program stronger. The more people that join in, the better the program becomes for you and your family.





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Eat healthy, eat vegetables!


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Get a medical checkup before starting any exercise program.

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Eat healthy, eat fruit!


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