Activities To Increase Effort

Give some of the activities below a try. They promote family time as well as teaching children how to give their best effort.

1. Puzzle Activity

The first activity is a fun way to get parents and children to work together on an project that may require a little effort. An online Reach High puzzle that the parent puts together with their child. The idea is to finish the puzzle together on the first try. The parent must set an example by completing the puzzle with the child, no matter how frustrated they get. It is a good way for the parent to set an example for the child. Click here to open up the puzzle. To move a puzzle piece, simply point and click your mouse on the part you want to move. Then, slide the puzzle piece to your desired location.


2. Reflex Activity

This next activity measures your reflex time. See how well you and your child do on this fun test. Give your best effort and keep on trying to improve your score. Every effort counts. Click here to try this activity.

3. Tower Of Hanoi Activity

This activity challenges you to move blocks from the left tower all the way to the right tower. Click the instructions tab to learn more. You can create a higher level of difficulty by clicking the drop down menu. Click here to try this activity.

4. Snake Activity

This activity is so much fun and challenging. It requires a lot of effort. Follow directions given on the game. Click here to try this activity.

More Activities To Come Soon!

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