Spunky The Monkey

Written By Len Saunders

spunkypage3Dear parents, teachers, and children:

I hope you enjoy my exercise adventure book through the forest. Please read this book and exercise along with it everyday. Each page will explain my special journey, as well as give you a suggestion on how to do the same movements as me through the forest. Use the daily checklist in the back of the book to mark your growth as well as trying more challenging exercises. It is always important to stop exercising if you get very tired or something hurts. Children, make sure an adult is in the room when you exercise and that you do exercises that are considered safe for you. Have fun.

Love, Spunky heart

Exercise With Spunky

Exercise And Read Together

page8Spunky The Monkey is part of the "An Adventure In Exercise" book series by Len Saunders. These books motivate children to read and exercise simultaneously. The book serves 4 main purposes:

  • To make reading fun for children
  • To encourage children to read
  • To make exercise fun for children
  • To encourage children to exercise

Children need motivational ways to get active. Many of them spend countless hours involved in technology instead of activity. The "An Adventure In Exercise" book series was designed to motivate young children (ages 2-7) to get off the couch and exercise. Studies have shown that proper health habits start at a young age. Research has also shown that many overweight children become overweight adults.

Recently, the American Heart Association reported that 25 million children (one out of every three children) in the United States are overweight. One child out of every seven children are now considered obese.

What's Next?

Joey The Kangaroo

joeyPlease visit Len Saunders book web site to learn more about his next book, Joey The Kangaroo, which is part of his "An Adventure In Exercise" book series. Read Joey's adventure through his neighborhood which again, will teach children the importance of reading and exercising. Joey will also teach the children number recognition through his adventure.