"Stretch the T. Rex" Written By Len Saunders

An award winning book that teaches children about exercise and reading....simultaneously!

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Great Storyline

Stretch the T. Rex is a great story that teaches young children how to exercise and read simultaneously. The main character is a "Stretch" who is a T-Rex, who is a cute and friendly dinosaur that loves children.

The Illustrator

The book is illustrated by the very talented Alyssa Josue, who earned her Graphic Design and Animation degree from the Dr. Filemon C. Aguilar Information Technology Training Institute in 2009.

The Author

Len is an award winning / best-selling author, motivational speaker in the fight against childhood obesity, and nationally recognized for his innovative wellness events. He has authored 7 books.

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Quotes On Book

  • "This book is well written with beautiful artwork. A true motivator to get kids up and moving."

    David Abramson, Parent

  • "A cute story with a loveable character."

    - Amazon Buyer

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