I hope that you find this web site informative. If you need other creative fitness ideas, please visit the Len Saunders home page by clicking the 'more' link below.


The Len Saunders web page will explain other successful programs such as Project ACES, PACES Day, The Country Challenge, and a wonderful program that gets children to exercise while watching TV.




Q & A

Q. Can you help my school find another school to participate along with us?

A. At present, you will have to find a participating school on your own. Is should be easy enough to find another school in your district to participate along with you. You could also check with parents at the school who may have a contact in another state or country.

Q. Is the Video Olympics limited to only schools?

A. Absolutely not! The program can be organized at YMCA's, health clubs, church / temple groups, or recreation departments.

Q. Do we need to contact you if we participate?

A. No, but it would be nice to hear how things went or to send along any press clippings. This helps to see the success of the program.


Q. Is there an age limit for participants?

A. Not really. The program works best with children in grades 3 through 12. The younger children may not completely understand the concept, but would probably love to watch the older children participate.

Q. Should the program be completed on a voluntary level?

A. Not necessarily, but it is recommended. It is not a good idea to force fitness and exercise on young children as a competition. You would not want to lower their self esteem. Children who volunteer to participate are self motivated, and will hopefully understand the concept of just trying to maintain a personal best score in the Video Olympics.