Take pleasure in reading this exciting 15 chapter children's health and fitness book. Each chapter is specifically dedicated to organizing a unique program that will enhance your children's fitness skills. Whether you work in a school, health club, YMCA, community center, camp, or are a concerned parent, this book will become a valuable reference tool for you. Programs can be implemented for children of various age groups ranging from pre-school to high school. More than 170 pages of great ideas that will motivate children to exercise.

This book will make the organizational process of every health and fitness event that you plan very easy. Chapters contain a reproducible section that includes letters to the media, letters to parents, letters to the staff, certificates, organizational checklists, and every other preparation you may require. Read the philosophy and importance of each event explained from the perspective of an award winning educator who is well respected in the field of children's fitness. There are straightforward descriptions of 'how to' arrange the events to perfection at your facility. Len Saunders talks about his personal experiences from his 20 year career in the areas of physical education and children's fitness. He will give you complete insight into many of his successful children's fitness programs. After applying some of the programs in this book, you will receive immediate and positive media coverage pertaining to children's health and fitness. It will also highlight your achievements and successes in the community!

Chapter 15 is dedicated to organizing Project ACES with your children. Other chapters include:

tbThe Video Olympics

tbThe Tri-Fit-A-Thon

tbJumping Jacks Day

tbFitness Pen Pals

tbHealth Fairs

tbMural Days

tbField Days

tbOlympics Day

tbGiving Workshops

tbCountry Challenges

.....and many more ideas!

Whether you are new to children's fitness, or have been doing it for a long time, this book will become a valuable resource in your personal library!





Len Saunders