What is the missing peice of the puzzle when it comes to children and exercise? Are there any secrets? Are there any programs that assist in motivating children to stay healthy? Childhood obesity is on the rise all over the world. In fact, the American Heart Association is now reporting that 12 million American children are now overweight. This breaks down to 1 in 3 children being overweight, while 1in 7 are now obese. It takes a team effort between parents, teachers, coaches, and children to fight these statistics. The Project ACES Handbook is a great resource for adults who want to fight childhood obesity. Len Saunders shares 15 of his most successful programs that help kids to get up and move!

Quotes Regarding This Book


"Exercise and physical fitness is important for the well being of every child. Len Saunders has found a way to get kids excited about exercising. His book will help motivate children and make fitness fun."

tb Tom Glavine, Professional Baseball Player, Two-Time Cy Young Award Winner, World Series Most Valuable Player 1995


"Len Saunders and I share the same philosophy of fun when it comes to youth athletics. His book provides great instruction to help put together a sound exercise program. Len makes it fun for kids, which will certainly go a long way in their efforts to sustain the program, and maintain good fitness for life."

tb Cal Ripken Jr., 19-Time Major League Baseball All-Star


""Len Saunders created Project ACES fifteen years ago. Through this initiative many professionals have been able to address the National Physical Education Standards and draw attention to their programs. This book takes us one step farther and provides a valuable resource for attending to the critical issue of including physical activity in every child's life."

tb Dr. Stephen L. Cone, Past AAHPERD President


""Every parent, grandparent, community leader or anyone else for that matter who cares about our youths' well-being should read Len Saunders' book. As a nationally-recognized and inspired teacher of quality PE, he has seen what works with kids in and out of school. Millions of kids around the world continue to celebrate fitness on All Children Exercising Simultaneously (ACES) Day which he founded. I'm convinced that America would not be facing an epidemic of overweight and out of shape kids today if we replicated Len's lessons in all our schools."

tb York Onnen, Past Director Of Program Development, The President's Council On Physical Fitness & Sports


"To win in the game of life, we all need both a healthy mind and body. By involving children in the fun and dynamic fitness programs offered by Len Saunders, we help them maximize not only their physical potential, but more importantly their intellectual potential. You don't need to be an outstanding athlete to be physically fit - you just need to participate. This book is an outstanding reference for parents and educators alike who want to promote better health for our children."

tb Digger Phelps, ESPN College Basketball Analyst And Legendary Notre Dame Basketball Coach


"Physical inactivity is a leading contributor to illness and obesity. Much more focus is needed on fitness among youth to assure that physical activity will become a lifelong habit. Physical activity patterns that develop during adolescence shape fitness habits and curtail the risk of obesity as we become adults. We owe it our children to get them fit, so they in essence will be healthy and lead lives which far exceed us as parents. This book is an excellent resource to offer guidance on how to promote fitness in our society and enlightens us on the importance of developing an active lifestyle at an early age."

tb Stephanie Alexander, CDC (The Centers For Disease Control)


"Children who exercise at a young age are building positive habits that last a lifetime. This book teaches children to enjoy exercise with 15 novel ideas that promote healthy lifestyles."

tb Christie Pearce, Member Of The 1999 Women's World Cup Champion Team And Olympic Silver Medalist


""Everybody knows that there's a growing problem in this country with kids and physical fitness. Fortunately, Len Saunders has developed terrific programs that will benefit all children immediately. I urge you to read this wonderful book, and put it to work in your home and community."

tb Rick Wolff, Contributing Writer To Sports Illustrated, Chairman, The Center For Sports Parenting





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