Fitness Pen Pals


mailIt is always a great concept when you can incorporate fitness and cognitive skills together. Recently, there have been many studies that support the theory that a solid exercise program for a child definitely enhances their intellectual well being. In return, it is also true that by enhancing cognitive skills, you can strengthen physical performance. These two skills do compliment each other. This is one of the innumerable reasons why Physical Education in the schools is vital, and the push for children’s fitness is becoming so extensive in the health club arena.

Fitness Pen Pals are great for combining the two skills previously cited. The concept of Pen Pals has been around for an extended period of time. Basically, a child from one location will write to another child in a different area using the postal service. It is safer, more effective, and better supervised than the electronic mail (E-mail). Usually, it is arranged between a teacher or parent from one site with a teacher or parent from the other location (this promotes a safer affiliation). Please visit the information page to see how you can organize a Fitness Pen Pal program.