Fitness Pen Pals

Questions and Answers

mailFeel free to use the contact form on this web site to ask any questions pertaining to the Fitness Pen Pal program. One of the major questions I receive is from teachers or parents who ask me to find them a participating school or family to join them in this program. As much as I would love to help with this, it is recommended that you create the partnership on your own. Please visit the information page to learn ways of finding a partner in The Fitness Pen Pal program.

  • Q. I am a parent interested in doing this with my child. Is this possible?
  • A. Yes! As mentioned on other pages of this web site, you can participate in this program at home, YMCA, health club, or school.
  • Q. Is this program new? I have never heard of it or read about it anywhere.
  • A. The Fitness Pen Pal program has been around for over 20 years. It has received some minor press through the years (example below).


  • Q. I am a PE teacher and would like to implement this program. Do I need to be concerned with spelling and grammar of each letter?
  • A. That is up to you. If you are working with a classroom teacher, then I would say yes. You could request that parents proof read their children's letters before sending them out in the mail.