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Published Articles

Published Articles


This is the page where you can read various articles written by Len Saunders. Simply click the title of the article written in blue to read it.


ACE - American Council On Exercise
Title: Improving Your Child's Physical Literacy

ACE - American Council On Exercise
Title: Tips for Creating a Healthier Lifestyle for Your Children

ACE - American Council On Exercise>
Title: Getting Children To Enjoy Physical Activity

Working Mother Magazine
Title: Family Fitness - Wake Up Moves

US News & World Report
Title: Understanding Childhood Obesity

The Daily Meal
Title: 8 Ways To Cook Healthy With Pasta

Yahoo! Shine
Title: Dieting vs. Making Changes

The Daily Meal
Title: Healthy Back To School Snacks

The National Wildlife Federation
Title: Exercise And The Great Outdoors

USA Today
Title: Kids And Sleep

Working Mother Magazine
Title: Cold Weather Sweat

Hyco Lake Magazine
Title: Indoor Family Fitness

EveryBody Walk Campaign
Title: Walk Away from Childhood Obesity

New Jersey Education Association Magazine
Title: Keeping Kids Fit

Yahoo! News
Title: Tips From The Experts

Human Kinetics Publications
Title: Strength Training For Children

Preview Sports Magazine
Title: An Interview With Legendary Phil Simms

Muscle And Fitness Magazine
Title: Family Fitness

New Jersey Education Association Magazine
Title: Fitness Programs That Work

Total Fitness For Men
Title: Shape Up For Summer