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What is BAH ?
BAH is an acronym for "BREAK A HABIT." BAH also signify's disgust, disappointment, or frustration. Many times, when you discuss breaking a bad habit with someone, their answer to you sometimes is "BAH", thus giving us our fun title to this web site.

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A habit is any action or behavior that we have performed so often that it becomes almost an automatic response. If we deem a habit to be undesirable, then we call it a bad habit.





This web site is for informational purposes only, and not to solve a child's problem or fix a bad habit. If you feel your child has a bad habit that you are worried about, make the time to speak with your pediatrician, principal, guidance counselor, teacher, or other respected professional. Anyone participating in a BAH (Break A Habit) program does so at their own risk, and should be healthy and medically cleared by a doctor. It is also important to seek out medical guidance prior to engaging in any type of physical activity. Increased physical activity may be dangerous for some people. The creator of BAH assumes no responsibility for any accidents, injuries, or damages as a result of any person's voluntary participation in any BAH activities or events.