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What is BAH ?
BAH is an acronym for "BREAK A HABIT." BAH also signify's disgust, disappointment, or frustration. Many times, when you discuss breaking a bad habit with someone, their answer to you sometimes is "BAH", thus giving us our fun title to this web site.

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A habit is any action or behavior that we have performed so often that it becomes almost an automatic response. If we deem a habit to be undesirable, then we call it a bad habit.


Q & A



Q. Should I organize BAH through my school or at home?

A. The concept was created to assist parents at home, but could certainly be used at school.

Q. How do I know if I should be worried about my child and bad habits?

A. As always, check with your local professionals who deal with such concerns. They are trained to handle these issues.

Q. Do you recommend my child becoming medicated for his bad habit?

A. Absolutely not! That decision cannot be determined over the Internet. Go to your local professionals about this concern such as your pediatrician, teacher, guidance counselor, and other respected professionals.

Q. How do I avoid my child finding out about drugs or alcohol?

A. You can't, unless they live in a bubble! The key is to educate them while they are young.

Q. How do I know if my child has a bad habit?

A. If you notice behavior different for their character, watch them closely. Listen to your child's teachers or coaches for anything they were concerned about which can be a good indicator.

When more questions get sent in, they will be posted on this page. Unfortunately, the answer for many of your questions will be the same in this forum. Seek professional help to assist you with your concerns. They can better help you than a web site will ever be able to help you.